5 Reasons to have a Corporate Chaplain at your Company

  1. Employees seldom compartmentalize their problems. We help them defuse the issues and find a resolution prior to heading home or as they return to work.
  2. Through curated care, employees build healthy work relationships and, as result, are more cooperative and productive (i.e. less absenteeism, a decrease in health claims, and increase in morale).
  3. Chaplains assist in issues such as layoffs, retirements, difficult deadlines, organizational changes, conflict resolution, and workplace ethics.
  4. Chaplains are neutral, safe, and trusting. We offer confidentiality without compromising positions or reputations.
  5. Chaplains offer hope to leaders and help create a personal touch of care in the corporate environment. They help employees feel valued, not just “bottom-line” producers.


  • Short Term Counseling (marriage, family, addictions, life challenges)
  • Crisis Counseling (death, bereavement, grieving, trauma)
  • Spiritual Care (hospital visitation, officiate funeral services, officiate wedding services, Eucharist, devotionals)
  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual direction (discerning next steps in life)

Some of our clients include:

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