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We believe the workplace deserves
purpose, meaning, and joy
by creating deep connections through
care, coaching, and counseling.

Recent Posts

The Work of Prayer

The work of prayer is to do all the RE’s. I’m also sharing some prayer responses below of I’ve sensed God at work. remember reorient reconcile renew redeem return restore revive replenish God is in the business of STAYING active in our lives, even when we feel hopeless, tired, spent, hurt, weak, lifeless. Prayer isContinue reading “The Work of Prayer”

The Art of Dying

When I first started doing ministry and chaplaincy work, I was faced with my own mortality. It didn’t take long for me to learn that death was real. My first funeral I officiated was my baptism into this new reality. I didn’t realize that the person we were honoring that day–that even their death–they wereContinue reading “The Art of Dying”

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